Wine Pressing


An arbi (wooden tub), vatsand loads of grapes ready to be pressed by the feet of those ladies claiming to Miss Rapulera 2016 crown.

On Sunday 16th October at 4.00 pm the Rapulé Fair’s show moves to S. Alessandro Square for the traditional clusters pressing closing down the two-days event dedicated to Piedmont’s top food and wine. Lots of visitors gathered around the old wooden tub will incite ladies and guys who, pressing grapes to the music beat, are going to evoke one of the most ancient and symbolic practices referred to wine-making cycle.

Here in Calosso we decided to let you experience the stage when grapes turn into wine in the most traditional way ever: using naked feet, exactly as our ancestors used to do. Everyone will get the chance to challenge himself in the pressing whilst the audience will decide who will possess beauty and skill to stand as Miss Rapulera and Mister Rapulé 2015.

Just to give you an idea of what we’re expecting from you, here’s last edition videoclip. Enjoy!

Ecco un breve filmato della #pigiatura#rapulè2014 #calosso

Posted by Fiera del Rapulè on Lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

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